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Expander / Extruder


  • To process flakes to make porous cake good for solvent extraction.
  • To squeeze partial oil from highly oil content seeds like Rapeseed, Sunflower etc.
  • To process castor expeller cake to convert in to porus cake good for solvent extraction.
Type: Most modernized unit with updated features and improved metallurgy of worms and hardened sleeve provided throughout the barrel length to protect main barrel from wear and tear.
Attachments: Most modernized hydraulic Auto run with Adiabatic Accumulator and Extra long squeezomatic supplied along with expander / extruder.

Capacity: Various models available with capacity range from 50TPD to1000TPD.

Drive: Through single piece bearing housing fitted with set of Axial cum Radial Load bearing coupled to Electric motor through Gearbox / pulley.
Main Barrel: Seamless cold drawn steel pipe duly machined internally & externally for accurate fitment of worms & scrapper bolts.
Worms: Set of staggered pitch worms provided for gradual loading and smooth advancement of material. Worms made out specially metallurgy material duly hardened for better life.
Hydraulic Auto Run for Expander / Extruder
Application: To fit along with expander extruder to get out put of expander in the form of uniform porous cake instead of bord collets.
Type: Most modernized highly sensitive hydraulically operated.
Attachments: With Auto tripping hydraulic power pack and highly active adiabatic accumulator.
Capacity: Various models available. Size 3'' to 12'' for capacity 50 TPD To 1000 TPD
Die & Cone: Made out of special metallurgy duly hardened for better performance i.e. low wear and tear.
Body: Mandrel actuation in phosphorous bronze linear duly lubricated for higher sensitivity and proper action.
Hydraulic Cylinder : Fitted with German polymer seals and hardchroned piston rods duly ground and seamless honned tubes .
Hydraulic Power Pack: Provided with pump, motor, control valves, pressure switch for Auto tripping to save electric energy.
Adiabatic Accumulator: Most modernized setting free, charging free, maintenance free unit highly active and sensitive in energy storage and releasing when required.
Flaking Mill
Introduction: The PRAGYA FLAKING MILL is the result of innovative engineering and continuous product development. The equipment features quality construction and materials through out. Unique interlinked pivoted bearing housing assures high sensitivity of machine, better life of roll, accurate consistent flaking at higher capacity and ease of operation with low energy consumption, due to stepped roll design Flaking is done through the length of roll hence NO EDGE GRINDING REQUIRED.

Salient Features:

  • No Edge Grinding of rolls due to full length flaking.
  • Highly sensitive fully floating Hi-tech Split Bearing Housings.
  • Automatic Sensitive Double acting powerised hydraulic system with adiabatic accumulator.
  • Hydraulic operated remote control feed adjustment & auto tripping mechanism.
  • Flexible Body to accommodate various sizes of rolls.
  • Higher capacity, Lower Energy consumption, Longer roll Life.
Cracking Mill
Purpose: For cracking the oil seed comprising of feed roll special chilled C l duly grooved, mounted on heavy roller bearing and individual motor of 15 HP for each set of roll, pulleys etc. Machines provided with magnet and geared motor for feeder. Roll size 250 mm Dia & 1300 mm long.
A cylindrical multistage vessel in M S constructed with bottom jacketed, also provided with open injection steam connection for proper cooking, central detachable shaft provided with scraper, float arrangement and automatic door closing device will be provided between the stages to ensure preset of material in each stages. Inspection doors and venting pipe connection will be provided in each stage. The vessel will have double bottom 12/14 thick & shell 10mm thick.
A screw feeding device with double wall (jacketed) shell for steam heating and provision for direct steam to heat the material and to add moisture into it to conditioning the flakes to feed in to expander.
Drier Cooler
Purpose: To cool the flakes/ expander cake.
Type: Modular horizontal type single pass chain conveyor type, enclosed unit fitted with blowers, cyclones, radiator, gearbox and motors.
Capacity: 100 TPD to 1000 TPD Reduce the moisture 3%.


  • Outer shell: 3 to 5 mm M.S. sheet, fabricated boxes both end closed with Manhole
  • Width of casing: 1000 mm to 2500mm.
  • Height of casing: 1000 mm to 1500mm.
  • Length of casing: 3000 mm to 12000mm.
  • Overall height of unit: 3000mm to 3500mm
  • Overall Width of unit: 4500 mm to 5500 mm.
  • Inner shell: Entry body of inner shell will be painted with white/black of epoxy paints.
  • Chain: Roller type Conveyor chain fitted with stainless steel perforated trays 
  • S.S. Trays: Perforated 1.6mm thick, S.S. 304 trays fitted with chain Link plate.
  • Cover Guards: Chain rollers and Sprocket will be covered with suitable guards.
  • Blowers, Radiators Conveyor: Drying module will be fitted individually with one FD blower each along with Radiator and on SD blowers & cyclones for exhaust of moisture .Two blowers for cooling from 95º C. To 45º C-50º C. (adjustable) in each cooling module.
  • Shaft &Sprocket : Each shaft provided with key way & step locking will fitted with 2 no of 150mm pitch sprocket will be tempered to minimize wear and tear of sprocket. There will be provision of taking out sprocket and shaft assembly complete from the covers provided on one.
  • Drier Feeding: Inlet chute of drier cooler will be provided with rotary valve for air locking & uniform spreading of material driven from main drive.
  • Material exit area: Screw conveyor with motor will be provided at the bottom exit port of chamber drive by electric motor.
  • Fines Collection: Separate screw conveyor will be provided to collect fins. Drive from main drive unit.
  • Main Drive: One unit of reduction gearbox will be provided on the top of the module with electric motor.
Meal Cooler
Purpose: To cool the temperature of DOC from 95º C to 50º C.
Capacity: 100 To 1000 TPD
Type: Double pass type with SS perforated bottom.


  • Length: 3000 mm To 10000 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm To 2500 mm
  • Height: 1500 mm


  • Case: MS plate 5 mm thick.
  • Drive: Heavy-duty axle with NTN bearing and sprocket with gear box.
  • Perforated: SS 304 perforated bottom.
  • Chain & Sprocket: 6" pitch 8mm link thickness roller chain with 10 teeth sprocket.
  • Legs: Made from I beam.
  • Pusher Blade: 5 mm thick mounted on ''T'' section with rivets.
  • Blowers: 3 Nos. 65 WG.
  • Ducts: Umbrella ducts with reducing chimney cross-section for natural draught of exhaust.
Hydraulic Cylinders & Power Packes
This system is highly sensitive, very simple. Comprising with double acting heavy duly hydraulic cylinders 2 Nos. motorized hydraulic power pack with auto tripping mechanism and highly sensitive, maintenance free, setting free adiabatic accumulator.
Condenser / Heat Exchanger
Floating Head type shell & tube type Two pass / Four pass in M.S. / S.S.  & S.S. / S.S. Furnace area from 10 M² to 600 M² Evaporators & Economizer from 20 M² to 350 M².
Modular Design Steam Radiator
Specialized for any capacity from 20 M² Area to 200 M² Area for required pressure. Easy to replace & clean the module. 
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