Scrap Bailing Presses
Hydraulic Press Capacity 600T
Scrap Bailing Presses
PRAGYA’S  Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press are available in Single compression, Double compression(with ejector cylinder & manual door), Triple compression and Vertical Scrap baling press which are suitable for processing all type of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap like – stainless steel, M.S. Scrap, aluminum , brass, copper and other industrial tin sheets. These presses are capable of compressing various leftover , metal structural , waste cloth, HDPE / PP woven sack bags, Industrial & Agricultural waste, animal feed block(Husk/Straw), Sugar  Cane, flower, Film cutting etc.

The “Bailing Press Bale” produced by our presses have a very high specific density and hence you can feed more material by weight into the furnace. Besides the optimization in feeding the furnace, bales are also convenient to store and reduces the transportation cost, labour cost, time etc.
Salient Features
  • The production capacity ranges from 1 ton per hour and more if desired.
  • The operation of press is done by hand lever operated. Semi automatic & fully automatic PLC.” Programmable Logic Control “(PLC) provided in our baling presses are of international standard made for offering maximum production flexibility & full compatibility.
  • The Weight of bale ranges 10 Kgs. – 500 Kgs. And more if desired.
  • The major components used in machine are of international reputed make and are easily available in India & abroad.
  • Shearing blades and replaceable wear-resistance plate can be provided for the long life of the feeding chamber.
  • High speed & fully automatic operation.
  • Bale chamber can be designed and modified according to required bale weight, size & density.
  • Full bale ejection from the chamber.
  • All machines are rigorously tasted prior to the delivery.
Hydraulic Press Capacity 600T
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