Heat Exchangers / Finned Tubes and Rdiators
Fin Tubes
Radiators / Coolers
Condenser / Heat Exchanger
Modular Design Steam Radiator
Heat Exchangers / Finned Tubes and Radiators
User Industry: SEP, Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Food, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Textile & several other applications.
Fin Tubes
Type: Spirally Crimped, Tension Wound Fins on Tubes of MS, SS, Copper, Brass.& Aluminum
Fin material: MS, Copper, SS & Aluminum
Purpose: To increase contact surface area of tubes for better heat transfer.


  • Tubes 8 mm OD to 100 mm OD
  • Fin height 5 mm to 25 mm
  • Fin pitch 2 FPI to 10 FPI
Application: To make Radiators, Cooler, Thermic fluid Heat Exchanger.
Radiatros / Coolers
Type: Manufactured from fin tubes assembled in header, hot / cold, liquid or gas flows inside tubes and air flows through fin.
Heat Transfer Area: up to 500 m2.
Heat Transfer Capacity: Up to 3,00,000 Kcal / Hr.
Condenser / Heat Exchanger
Floating Head type shell & tube type Two pass / Four pass in M.S. / S.S.  & S.S. / S.S. Furnace area from 10 M² to 600 M² Evaporators & Economizer from 20 M² to 350 M².
Modular Design Steam Radiator
Specialized for any capacity from 20 M² Area to 200 M² Area for required pressure. Easy to replace & clean the module. 
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